College Course Planner | Notion Template

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This Notion template makes it simple to plan and track the courses you'll take in college or university.

For each class, this template tracks:

  • Course name
  • Department
  • Class numbers
  • Credit hours
  • Grade earned
  • Year taken
  • Semester taken
  • Grade points earned

It also gives you a handy spot to keep track of your major and minor information, including credits required and advisor contact info.


You can view classes by Year, Semester, and Department in the Summary view.

Summary by Year and Semester

Summary by Year and Department

The All Classes table shows all classes and information.

The Yearly Class Lists show all courses and info for a given year.

Getting started

To add this template to your Notion workspace, just click the link you receive after completing your purchase and duplicate the page. From there, the Getting Started section should have you up and running in no time!

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A powerful, easy to use notion template to plan and track your college courses


College Course Planner | Notion Template

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